31 days of self-love challenge: Day 11

How would you describe yourself in a loving way to a stranger?

Hmm, this is a tough one for me. I never liked describing myself, looks or personality for anyone… but here it goes. As loving as it gets for me at the moment

On the outside, I’m that awkward height that’s not short but not tall. It’s not a bad height, pretty decent. I’ve got blonde-ish hair that is at least 4 different shades and is pretty long and gets almost white in the summer. I have a bunch of different dimples that are visible depending on the face I’m making. They’re one of my favorite parts of my face. My eyes are a cool blue-grey color, but change to grey, blue, and blue-green, depending on my shirt color and the lighting. I always think its cool how they change colors.  I have 4 tattoos and, yes there are more to come and yes I love all of them.

On the inside, I’m typically a very kind individual, but I can have an attitude, but who doesn’t sometimes?. My sense of humor is 100% sarcasm and there is a 27599% chance that I’m usually kidding. I’m a very goofy human who loves making other people laugh. I also love doing things to help better the world, like volunteering, helping those in need, and I want to be a teacher so I obviously want to better the generations ahead.

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