31 days of self-love challenge: Day 12

What things make you feel happy to be alive?

  1. My dog
  2. The smell after it rains
  3. Freshly washed sheets
  4. Getting into bed right after a shower, with shaven legs and a big t-shirt
  5. The smell of the flower section at Trader Joe’s
  6. Freshly brewed coffee
  7. The feeling of the sun on your skin when you’ve been inside for a while.
  8. Crossing things off of checklists
  9. Drinking lemonade in the summer
  10. Not having to get out of the bed in the morning
  11. Getting complimented
  12. When I reach my Fitbit step goal for the day
  13. Taking a nap after a long day at work
  14. Pay Day
  15. Reorganizing something that desperately needed it
  16. Finally finishing cleaning my room
  17. Cooking
  18. When I get home from somewhere and my dog is the first one to greet me
  19. Fresh fruit and vegetables
  20. Walking barefoot in the grass
  21. Singing along to a song in the car
  22. Sunrises
  23. Sunsets
  24. The sound of the Ocean
  25. The smell of the Ocean
  26. Baby goats
  27. Baby pigs
  28. Really any animal let’s be honest
  29. Waking up in the middle of the night and realizing you have more time to sleep
  30. The cold side of the pillow
  31. Wearing a new outfit
  32. The sound of an ice cream truck
  33. Feeling confident
  34. Having an all around good day
  35. Getting a text from someone you haven’t talked to in a while
  36. Dairy-free ice cream
  37. Getting a day off of work
  38. Printed photographs
  39. Scrapbooks
  40. Getting new shoes
  41. Getting my nails done
  42. Getting a haircut… that I actually don’t hate
  43. Hanging out with friends for the first time in a while
  44. Writing
  45. Museums
  46. Getting flashed a smile from a stranger
  47. Listening to a band’s new album for the first time
  48. Early morning when all you hear are birds chirping
  49. The color blue
  50. Bookstores
  51. Volunteering
  52. Small towns
  53. Crunchy leaves
  54. My favorite pair of jeans
  55. When people use the correct form of ‘your’
  56. Taking my shoes/bra off after a long day
  57. Candles
  58. No dirty dishes in the sink
  59. Making lists
  60. Playing cards with a big group of people
  61. Coloring Books
  62. HGTV
  63. Disney movies
  64. Seeing pictures people took of me doing things when I didn’t know I was being photographed
  65. My smooth skin after shaving my legs
  66. The smell of my shampoo
  67. Office supply stores
  68. Notebooks
  69. Stargazer Lilies
  70. Murals
  71. Potatoes
  72. Cobblestones streets
  73. Rainbows
  74. Stickers
  75. Living on my own

What things make you guys happy to be alive?


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