Chrimbus memories

Hi everyone. Happy Christmas Eve, or for everyone who doesn’t celebrate Christmas, Happy December 24th. Since it is Chrimbus Eve, I have decided to take a trip down memory lane, and visit all the ghosts of Christmas past by sharing some of my favorite Christmas memories. Let’s get started.

My first Christmas memory I was probably 5 years old. I remember pulling up to my grandparents’ house carrying a ton of my gifts from Santa Claus. I was wearing pink Barbie sunglasses, had a pink Barbie purse, and desperately wanted to wear the pink Barbie heels I had also received, however it was snowing out, so my dad forbid it. I remember my grandparents and aunts and uncles coming up to me asking if I had gotten this for Christmas. I remarked to them that I wasn’t allowed to bring all my gifts with me (because they didn’t know that of course) but I had brought the important ones.

My next Christmas memory is a personal favorite of my sister’s. Preface: my sister was/is a HUGE Cody Simpson fan (Australian pop singer). Basically, my sister had requested anything Cody Simpson related for Christmas. Santa decided a life-size Cody Simpson cutout would suffice. When I awoke on Christmas morning, I scurried down the stairs only to be met with a dark figure hiding behind my Christmas tree. Mouth agape, I ran upstairs, to wake my sister up (why call my parents or the police when you can get help from your 10 year-old sibling when the Grimm Reaper is in your living room). We crept back down the stairs, believing someone had broken into our house, turned the living room light on, only to see that Australian pop singer in cardboard form was standing behind the tree. Thanks Santa, for the cardboard cutout of Cody, and the cardiac arrest for my sister and I. Really sweet of you.

This past Christmas was one for the books. Not only was I able to see all of my friends and family I hadn’t seen in 4 months, I was also able to receive a Shrek pillow pet. I am an avid Shrek fan (can’t believe I used avid fan and Shrek in the same sentence) and have no qualms about sharing my passion. Anyways, my sister gave me the Shrek pillowpet and I gave her a Donkey pillowpet (for those of you foreign in all things Shrek related, Donkey is Shrek’s noble steed). Shrek and Donkey currently live on the papasan chair in my bedroom. Quality gift and they have not once startled me upon walking into a room (Cody cutout reference).

I luv chrimbus and u. Bye

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