What’s in my winter makeup bag

Hi everyone, winter, while full of amazing elements, is the time of staticy hair, dry skin, and chapped lips. I can without a doubt say that none of those three things appeal to me, so I need to have some products with me at all times to combat the harsh conditions winter brings forth on our bodies. Here are my top 7 items in my makeup bag during the winter months.


Mirror- this is a staple for every season, whether I need to re-part my hair after being outside in the wind, fix an eyebrow, or see if I have food in my teeth, my mirror is my best friend

Brush/comb- Chicago is such a windy city and just from walking out the door of my house to my car can create quite a mess of my hair. With my handy dandy brush/comb (comb usually) I am able to fix this before I start to resemble a tumbleweed.

Lotion- My skin is normally dry anyway, but add the wind and lack of humidity that winter brings, and my skin dries out completely. I bring a lotion bottle or two everywhere I go just in case my skin is feeling extra parched.

Chapstick- When I was younger, I used to lick my lips when they were chapped so people would call me “triple lip.” Now that I’m older and really really really really don’t want that nickname to make a comeback, I like to keep a thing of chapstick or vaseline in my bag to prevent my lips from chapping.

Tissue- Getting sick sucks, and having a runny nose while out and about is even worse. Always make sure to have tissues on you… just in case.

Clippers- With dry hands, come hangnails, and there is nothing worse than having a painful hangnail with no clippers to snip that guy in the butt.

Tweezers- I keep these in my bag anyway, however long car rides to family parties or vacations leave plenty of room for perfecting that brow arch

Naturally,  some of these stay in my bag year round and I have other things in my makeup bag from day-to-day such as concealer, eyebrow pencils, eyeliner, and my lip of choice, but these are specific to the season/they serve a certain purpose each season.

Also, winter is here. Or was here two days ago. I completely forgot until I saw a post about the solstice right after yesterday’s post was finished. Yay, the days now begin getting longer and it might stay light out past 400 tomorrow.

Until tomorrow


2 thoughts on “What’s in my winter makeup bag

  1. I love reading posts like this. I’m always interested in the contents of everyones make up bags, even purses (okay maybe I’m nosy lol) but I think its fun and interesting to see whats important to people. Happy Holidays!

    xo, JJ

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