This or That: Christmas Edition

Hi everyone, I was on Buzzfeed the other day and saw a question “Would you rather only eat fruitcake for the rest of your life or drink eggnog for the rest of your life.” I naturally would rather cut my own foot off before doing either of those. That got me to thinking if there were other difficult Christmas this or thats. I have never seen anyone do a post of them so far and decided I would (not that any of my other Blogmas ideas are original… You can only see “I want every Lush product in the world” so many times) If any of you want to do this, as a post or just leaving your answers in the comments I would love to see how we differ.

Santa Claus or Mrs. Claus

Naughty List or Nice Listsanta-naughty-list

Gift Bags or Wrapping Paper

Sugar Cookies or Gingerbread Cookiespic5gjzcz

Eggnog or Hot Chocolate

A White Christmas or A Green Christmas218cb53fabb5f5ff454af62c40b52b2b

Christmas Carols or Christmas Movies

Real Christmas Tree or Synthetic Christmas Tree

Snow Man or Snow Angelsnowman-wallpaper

Frosty the Snowman or Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer

Angel Tree Topper or Star Tree Topper

Giving or Receiving

Elf or Home Alone

The Nutcracker or A Christmas Carolp01j0d4x.jpg

Those are mine, what are yours?


4 thoughts on “This or That: Christmas Edition

  1. I love playing these kind of games, I call it “would you rather” lol but I always come up with the most atrocious options to make it more fun/funny. Fruit cake or egg nogg thats one I haven’t heard… The ones you did for the post are good though 🙂

    xo, JJ

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  2. I’d take the fruit cake over eggnog any day! Agreed with a synthetic Christmas tree. Ours at home has permanent lights on it as well so it’s really easy to decorate. Also second a White Christmas although where I live it rarely happens. It usually snows just after Christmas before the schools open again, and even then most of it is slush and ice – nightmare!

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