I know a Meme

Hello everyone, another not blogmas post here. Last week, this girl I know, Jillian, posted a video of another guy I know, Jalen, in Zoology class gazing at reptiles. When you post dumb videos on twitter, you hope for a retweet or two, a few favorites and for someone to reply with the cry laughing emoji. What you don’t think will happen is getting over 150,000 retweets, having almost 10 million views on Facebook, being featured on Good Morning America, or getting followed by the one and only Steph Curry. That is what happened to Jalen and that video.

It’s so crazy to me because people I know from San Diego are sharing that video and people all over the world are sharing the video, making meme of Jalen’s face, etc. My high school used to be “the school by the zoo” but now it’s. “the school that Jalen goes to.”

if you haven’t seen the video, take a look below, and bask in all the glory that my high school has become.

Until tomorrow


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