I hate you, MTV

Nov. 16: What TV series finale are you still upset about and why?

Hello everyone. So, most of the shows that I watch haven’t ended or I didn’t watch them to the end because they got boring. The only show I have actually watched until its end was Finding Carter. And technically it hadn’t been ended on the show itself. MTV decided to stop airing it after only two seasons.

I was obsessed with that show (not to mention all of very very attractive guys in the show) from episode one and it was the way I discovered my favorite band ever (they sang the intro).

This show was a little predictable (as most shows these days are) however, for the most part there were so many unpredictable twists and turns, by the end of the show I needed a couple minutes to catch my breath and compose myself.

The episode starts off with the main character waking up after being knocked out to her fake mother who had kidnapped her (long story). Behind the mother was the main character’s (Carter) boyfriend bloodied up and dead. People begin accusing Carter of killing him, despite her being unconscious. All of a sudden the fake mom (Lori) admits to killing him and their other prime suspect runs away. OUT OF NOWHERE Carter’s best friend (Max) admits to killing the guy (Jared). Not to the police but to Carter and her family.

Carter’s brother who she didn’t know about until three ish episodes ago is completely beaten to a pulp by some drug guy who actually worked for Jared and is left unconscious in the middle of the road, and Max admits to Carter’s ex-boyfriend (who shot Max last season… another long story) that he has to tell the truth so he drives Max to the police station where he confesses that he killed Jared. Lori is released as Max utters an “I’m sorry” as he is carted to a holding cell and every other character is left in tears.

Basically, I was pumped for season three because they left so many things unanswered and had sparked so many plot moves. Within a month of the show ending, Finding Carter’s twitter announced that the show would not be back for a third season. MTV if you’re reading this, just know I hate you because that show, by far, has been my absolute favorite thing on TV ever.

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3 thoughts on “I hate you, MTV

  1. Your brief sketch of the show made it seem like a diverting series. It would be frustrating to get invested in a show, then have it canceled without warning. What I found most relatable, though, is “I hate MTV”. I’m the old fogey who remembers when there was actual music on MTV. Ah, good times. Now, I hate TV in general, and MTV rates among my very least liked channels.

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  2. Ah nothing is more frustrating than getting sucked into a show to find out that they’re leaving so many things unanswered! I hate that- they can’t just leave you hanging like that. There needs to be some sort of closure! Stupid MTV….

    xo, JJ

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