Challenging, Eye-opening, Memorable

Nov. 14: What was it like to be you in 2016?

Challenging, Eye-opening, Memorable.

If I had to sum up my 2016 in three words, it would be them.

This year was challenging in many ways. I have overcome most if not all of those challenges, though. I was challenged with college. My second-semester load was a lot more challenging than my first semester, yet I still powered through and completed the semester, no matter how difficult. Upon finishing my first year of college, I was faced with the challenge of deciding what I wanted to do with my life. Deciding my major, my plan of action for the 2016-2017 school year and what school I would be attending. While this is still a challenge for me, I am making my way through this one step at a time. I had my first real job ever. After a life of babysitting jobs. I finally had my first real 40-hour a week job. And I hated it. It was probably the worst summer of my life. I woke up at 5, worked from 7-3, got home at 430, ate, and then slept. As much as it sucked, I was able to save up a ton of money. My mental health was also a challenge in 2016. Not as much as it has been previously, but mental illnesses never quit. It will continue to be a challenge but I know I am not alone in this, which is all I need. Despite this year being challenging, I learned lessons from all of these which I feel has been very beneficial for me.

2016 was such an eye-opening year for me as well. My entire life I have been obsessed with what people thought of me. I was too afraid to wear certain clothes, wear makeup, and enjoy certain things for fear that people might judge me. I have realized that I don’t care what people think. Yes, I sometimes still get self-conscious and worry what other people think of me but that doesn’t stop me from doing and wearing what I love.

Through all of these challenges and life revelations, I have made some incredible memories this year too. I started 2016 off with some of my best friends having a great time. Then I took a risk and dyed my hair red. Although it was only temporary, it was still crazy for me that I jumped so far out of my comfort zone to do something I always wanted. I spent the first half of the year studying in one of the most amazing cities in the country surrounded by great people, great weather, and an ample amount of things to do. I got to see my favorite band in concert, cried seeing my favorite band in concert. I got to see the Cubs win a World Series, something I never thought I would do. I made so many new and amazing friends from all over the world. This year I went vegan, got new tattoos, tried so many new things, became a better version of myself and so much more. There have been so many downs this year but there have been by far so many more ups.

What was 2016 was for you?


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