Oscars 2016

Good afternoon everyone, in a few hours the Oscars will begin and every famous actor/actress whom I have looked up to since I was just a small little child with big aspirations of being a peer of theirs, will look flawless and almost unreal. They will be adorned in expensive gowns, suits, jewels, shoes, etc just for one night to win the award of a lifetime, and Oscar.

What is it about a small foot tall gold statue that gets everyone so worked up? Is it that once you win one, you are at a new level on acting? Does this mark the performance that was above all of the rest? Does not winning an Oscar after having so many phenomenal movies (yes I’m talking about the love of my life and twin Leonardo DiCaprio) make you any less of an actor?

Or is it more personal than this? Is an Oscar for actors an internal marker as well as an external one? Do actors compare themselves to Meryl Streep and Katherine Hepburn, 2 of those most decorated Academy Award winners in the past 88 years?

Just a few things I am wondering

Also, I swear if Leonardo DiCaprio doesn’t win an Oscar tonight I will do quite a few things

  1. Cry
  2. Write a strongly worded letter to the Academy
  3. Not watch the Oscars until the next time Leo is nominated


Talk to you all Thursday

Alicia 🙂


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