Things I love about Winter

Winter hasn’t officially begun, but with the cold temperatures and snow we have already had, I’d say it’s winter enough. Despite always being sick and having to shovel snow, winter is a pretty cool season, and I thought I’d give you some reasons why (I started out optimistic with 100 reasons but if there aren’t 100 reasons why I love my dog (there sure as hell aren’t 100 reasons for loving winter).

  1. Snow: when it coats the trees and bushes, and the large flakes land softly on your hair, it’s so beautifultumblr_mea4mvcfh91rdyi7so1_500
  2. Christmas: Being able to get together with family, friends and being able to catch up on anything and everything is such a good thing to do.
  3. The clothes: I love boots and sweaters and scarves… basically any item worn when it’s cold out.
  4. Peppermint: Candy canes and peppermint coffee, peppermint hot chocolate… I love my peppermint
  5. Lights: houses all over are covered in white lights, colored lights, twinkling lights, and everything in between. Driving down streets with snow covered lights is like driving in a winter wonderlandtumblr_nf6zrn2shz1tjfv6go1_500
  6. Christmas music: Any Christmas is a jam and I will listen to all of them long after Christmas is over
  7. Cozy pajamas: Cute and warm pajamas with penguins, snowmen, etc on them… What could be better?giphy
  8. The New Year: A fresh start, new goals, etc, is always nice.
  9. Holiday scents: Vanilla, Peppermint, Cinnamon, and Gingerbread are some of my favorite scents year round but it’s only acceptable to have them around during winter
  10. Baking: Spending the day surrounded by mixing bowls, spilled flour, and sprinkles is the perfect way to spend any winter afternoon.

Those are a few of my favorite things