Things I hate about Winter

Since yesterday I did a ‘Things I love about Winter’ post I figured I would also do some things I can’t stand about winter as well. Let’s get to it.

  1. Snow: When it starts sticking to the road, or there’s two feet of it, snow is cute in theory but when shoveling or driving… it sucks. 6358850260363475541669827596_snow-lol
  2. Middle aged mothers Christmas Shopping: I was walking past a Walmart the other day and an ambulance carted away a middle-aged mother who WE ALL KNOW was fighting with another mother over a Tickle Me Elmo
  3. People who forget how to drive: when it snows people seem to forget that we have to be careful on the roads and can’t drive recklessly. I have driven by so many accidents and technically winter hasn’t even started.635885028134763668-1390405487_ice
  4. People who get offended when you say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”: Basically I hate white people.
  5. Dry skin: I have dry skin as it is, but with winter and the lack of moisture in the ar, my skin becomes drier than ever.
  6. Getting sick: I am literally sick all winter. Even when I’m not sick… I am.635885034725424394210259464_sick
  7. Cold… cold… cold: Brrr
  8. Wet hair freezes: I can’t leave the house with wet hair or my hair might break.
  9. Football: I love football but every year as we near playoffs and the Super Bowl it reminds me just how terrible the Bears are.
  10. It starts getting dark ridiculously early:6358850389277538012035426193_early

Until tomorrow