June wrap up

How in the heck is June already over? How the heck is 2018 already halfway over? This year has flown by more than any other in my opinion and once school starts 2018 will be over before I know it. Let’s see how well I achieved my goals in June

  1. Plan for CHAARG // I’ve been doing a bit of planning here and there, working on retreat, socials, etc. It’s hard planning things in 1 day when people don’t email you back but I’m working on it
  2. Start CHAARG Booty Camp or Insanity // I’m almost done with week 2 of them both, and I will be taking a mini-break in a week or so because I’ll be out of town but I’ve already planned it so I won’t be missing a workout!
  3. Eat better // I’m eating much better, eating out much less, and making almost all of my own food
  4. 1 gallon of water daily // Doing so well on this!
  5. Figure my whole major thing out // I’m in every single class I need for the fall which is all I needed!
  6. Read // I haven’t finished a single book. I’ve been in a weird funk and the last thing I’ve wanted to do was read… I started one and I just haven’t had the motivation to finish
  7. Go to bed earlier // Most nights I’ve been in bed by 9 and sleeping by 10 but other nights (weekends) I haven’t been asleep until 1 or 2… Balance I guess?
  8. Less screen time // This hasn’t been happening but I’m working on it I guess haha.

How did your goals for June go?

❤ Alicia ❤

3 thoughts on “June wrap up

  1. The one goal I had for June was for all my reading to be from my YALC tbr and out of 7 books, only 2 were YALC-related. I tried picking others up but they’re all fantasy and I’ve not been in a fantasy mood of late.

    Also, less screen time is something I’ve been trying to work on since January, especially in the evenings. I feel like I was doing really well with it up until a few months ago and now I can’t snap out of it which annoys me greatly.

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    1. I totally understand your screen time struggle!! Some evenings it’s so easy for me and some it isn’t but more recent;y it’s been ever more difficult! But we can do it!! : )

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      1. I hope so. I could start with finally shutting my laptop down tonight as I’ve been on it all day tweaking old blog posts.

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