June goals

Happy June! In one week from today, I will be on my way to Florida! I’m so excited for June and I hope you all are too : ) I’ve got a lot planned for this month and I can’t wait to get it all done. Here are my goals for June!

  1. Plan for CHAARG- Being the CHAARG Treasurer involves a lot of planning over the summer. I want to set aside a few hours a day [or just one whole day] where I get as much planned for the fall as I can.
  2. Start CHAARG Booty Camp or Insanity // Something I love doing over the summer are workout programs. I have way more time this summer to dedicate to improving myself and I’m going to start one (or both) once I return from Florida!
  3. Eat better // Since being home, I’ve been cooking a lot… but I’ve also been eating a lot. I’m trying to find the right balance for my body and I’m going to give meal planning and prepping a try to see if I can find a good balance for myself.
  4. 1 gallon of water daily // you guys already know.
  5. Figure my whole major thing out // I’ve officially changed my major to International Business [long story] so now I am emailing professors nonstop trying to get into classes as my major isn’t 100% changed yet.
  6. Read // In one my last posts, I shared my summer reading list. In order to get that list finished, I need to start!
  7. Go to bed earlier // This will relate to the next one but whenever I go to bed, I spend at least an hour on my phone and all of a sudden it’s 1 in the morning and my planned 6am wake-up time quickly turns into 10am. I want to shut my phone off by 9pm each night and then read before bed so that I’m ready to sleep and ready for the next day ahead
  8. Less screen time // Since I really don’t have a job this summer, I’ve been spending SO much time watching TV, scrolling through my phone, and being on my computer and I hate it. I want to spend more time outside, with friends, walking my dog, even cleaning my house.

What are your goals for June?

❤ Alicia ❤

3 thoughts on “June goals

  1. What great goals! They’re actually very similar to mine not gonna lie ❤ Like drinking a lot more water, and reading as much as possible and obviously try to cut down a littl' on them carbs and sugar… Nice post Alicia xx

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  2. I’ve tried to trade in my mindless Netflix-watching for reading and it was such a good choice! Once you find a good book, it’s like its own movie in your head!

    Rachel || anotherstationanothermile.com


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