May wrap-up

Hi everyone! Can you believe that May is already over? I am so excited for June BECAUSE… It’s Gemini season aka my birthday is in 12 days, I’ll be heading down to Florida in less than 10 days, and summer is officially beginning!! Since I was garbage at posting during the end of April + beginning of May so I’ll be wrapping up my April goals instead, which is fine because most of them I was still working on in May.

  1. 128 oz of water daily- I don’t get it every day but I’m doing really well with this!
  2. Get my body moving every day- Most morning I wake up and walk 3-4 miles and those days (and days I’m not I’m working out) so I’ve been very active this summer
  3. Finish this semester with straight As- 5 solid As and one A-
  4. Figure out my whole switch major/graduate early situation- Still ugh but I’ll update on this later
  5. Go through my laptop files- I did this and soon I’ll be putting all my photos on an external hard drive because I have over 13000 and I need to stop them from slowing down my computer
  6. Finish CHAARG exec transition- I did and I had my first summer team meeting Sunday and I can’t wait for the fall!
  7. Don’t stress about presentations- I didn’t and I got 100% on both!
  8. Figure out my living/working situation for the fall- A few sublease opportunities fell through but I ended up signing a lease by myself so I don’t know my roommates but at least I have somewhere to live!

How did you guys do on your goals for the month?

❤ Alicia ❤

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