17 things I’ve learned in 2017

Hi everyone, 2017 was one giant rollercoaster for me. I learned so much and I wanted to showcase the top 17 things I learned in 2017

  1. You are so so so so important
  2. The more  I know, the more I don’t know
  3. Podcasts are a gamechanger
  4. There is always something to learn
  5. Change is hard, but it is so good and much needed
  6. Always stand up for yourself and what you believe in, no matter how hard it is
  7. Time really does fly by, whether you’re having fun or not
  8. It’s okay to be emotional; even if that means crying in a public restroom at 10pm on a Saturday
  9. Reading is good for the soul
  10. Live music is even better for the soul
  11. There is always time to make time for yourself
  12. Goodbyes suck
  13. You should always put yourself first
  14. Being single sucks, but it’s also so liberating
  15. Procrastination can be hard to avoid, but sometimes you have to power through
  16. Photograph the beautiful moments in your life because you will want to save those memories forever
  17. There is beauty in every day, find it

8 thoughts on “17 things I’ve learned in 2017

    1. For me, I love listening to music while running, walking, writing etc. With podcasts, I get that same background noise but I learn something or get a new perspective while doing the same activities I normally do!!

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      1. The used, a day to remember, Craig Owens and everything he touches lol D.R.U.G.S, Chiodos, BadxChannels, motion city soundtrack, ….I’m an emo kid at heart haha. I do listen to a wide array of music. Not a big fan of country but there’s some artists out there that I like. Pierce the Veil, the almost…

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