31 days of self love challenge: Day 1

Hi everyone, so one of my intentions for the year is to take care of my physical and mental health. A very important aspect of both of those things is self-love. A few months back, I saw this 31 days of self-love challenge. I figured I would kickstart my year and try it because self-love is very important and it’s a great thing to practice. So here’s to 31 days of self-love and much more after that.

Day 1 What is your biggest struggle with loving yourself?

I think my biggest struggle with loving myself is that I am constantly comparing myself to others. And I believe this is an issue for many others. We live in a world where we idolize Instagram models and how many likes other get on pictures so in return we post pictures with filters and funny captions and the best lighting to see who can get the most likes.

I’m trying a bit of a social media detox. I have deleted twitter and facebook from my phone and will probably do the same for Instagram soon as well. I may redownload them when I want to post something or if my roommate says she tagged me in a meme. Social media is a great thing, I’ve discussed it before, we use social media to keep up with friends, keep up with politics around the world, and so much more, but social media is also a very negative thing. We thrive off of likes and comments, and how many followers we have. I think we all need a detox every now and again to remind us what’s really important in life and how superficial likes, filters, and followers really are.


If any of you would like to do the challenge as well, here are all of the prompts for the month. Love yourselves!!!

11 thoughts on “31 days of self love challenge: Day 1

  1. I am considering a shift to blogging as my primary form of social media. Facebook can be too damn addictive and frankly depressing at times. I don’t mind Instagram and Twitter but Facebook can suck the time and life out of you.

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