Things I hate about winter

Hi everyone, me again back to post about the things I don’t like about winter. While I mentioned before that there are some great aspects of winter there are also quite a few things that I’m not too keen on and here they are.

  1. Snow: When it starts sticking to the road, or there’s two feet of it, snow is cute in theory but when shoveling or driving… it sucks.
  2. Middle aged mothers Christmas Shopping: I was walking past a Walmart the other day and an ambulance carted away a middle-aged mother who WE ALL KNOW was fighting with another mother over a Tickle Me Elmo
  3. People who forget how to drive: when it snows people seem to forget that we have to be careful on the roads and can’t drive recklessly.Every winter I see so many accidents it’s almost unbelievable
  4. People who get offended when you say “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas”
  5. Dry skin: I have dry skin as it is, but with winter and the lack of moisture in the ar, my skin becomes drier than ever.
  6. Getting sick: I am literally sick all winter. Even when I’m not sick… I am.
  7. Cold… cold… cold
  8. Wet hair freezes: I can’t leave the house with wet hair or my hair might break.
  9. Football: I love football but every year as we near playoffs and the Super Bowl it reminds me just how terrible the Bears are.
  10. It starts getting dark ridiculously early

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