Things I love about winter

Hi everyone, sorry I have been MIA for the past few days. Studying for finals was kicking my butt. I finished finals earlier this afternoon so I am done with my first semester at OU! More on that later. Until then, I figured I would write about my favorite things about winter and then tomorrow or sometime in the near future I’ll share my least favorite things about this chilly season. Let’s get to it.

  1. Christmas: Seeing family and friends and being able to catch up on everything and anything is so nice to do.
  2. Peppermint: Candy canes and peppermint coffee, peppermint hot chocolate… I really love peppermint
  3. Cozy pajamas: Cute and warm pajamas with penguins, snowmen, Santa, or Candy Canes on them… What could be better?
  4. Christmas music: Any Christmas song is a jam and I will listen to all of them long after Christmas is over
  5. Holiday scents: Vanilla, Peppermint (if you can’t tell I’m obsessed), Cinnamon, and Gingerbread are some of my favorite scents year round but for some dumb reason it’s only acceptable to have them around during winter
  6. Snow: when it coats the trees and bushes, and the large flakes land softly on your hair, it’s so beautiful
  7. The clothes: I love boots and sweaters and scarves… basically, any item worn when it’s cold out.
  8. Baking: Spending the day surrounded by mixing bowls, spilled flour, and sprinkles are the perfect way to spend any winter afternoon.
  9. Lights: houses all over are covered with white lights, colored lights, twinkling lights, and everything in between. Driving down streets with snow-covered lights is like driving in a winter wonderland
  10. The first snow: Yes this is different than snow in general. The first snow of the season whether it happens in October or February that really marks the coming of the winter season.


2 thoughts on “Things I love about winter

  1. Well done for finishing your OU semester! Mine doesn’t finish until May haha. I love so many of these things too, definitely agree with the holiday scents, wish they were around all year!

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