Don’t take more than you give

People who receive everything, appreciate nothing

Why are people greedy? Why is it that the people who have the most, want more? And, why is it, that they don’t appreciate any of the amenities they have?

Something I love about the holiday season is the kindness that radiates from people. People across the world donate clothes, toys, money, and time to those less fortunate than them.

While there are so many amazing people who give to those in need, there are some people who choose to not be as giving with all they have. Those who choose to be greedy, who choose to be so caught up in the receiving aspect of the holidays, they forget about the giving aspect.

A lot of times, people who choose to give back, aren’t the richest and don’t have every amenity in the world. They are middle or even lower class citizens who give all they have to give to others, even when they don’t have everything themselves.

Why are people greedy? Why is it, that people choose to take take take? To me, the reason for the season is about giving. About be thankful for all that we have and giving to those who have less, about giving to those we love. Yes, we receive amazing things, we receive gifts from people we love, but as a notion of love from the giver.

Receiving gifts is amazing, I will not lie, and I am grateful for every gift I have ever received (yes even my granola) but the look on someone’s face when opening a gift you gave them, is a gift all in its own.

Why is it, that some of us can’t appreciate a smile? Or a thank you? Or a hug? Why can we only appreciate materialistic items? Why can’t we remember that the holiday is for giving to those we know and don’t and for being thankful for what we have and are given?

Please remember to be thankful for all you have, and remember a new pair of shoes is just as great as a warm smile and loving hug.

One thought on “Don’t take more than you give

  1. You’re so right, some people are so selfish and greedy and it blows my mind. I feel like those who do have the money and such get to a certain point where they just take these materialistic things for granted, they just don’t appreciate things as much as us ordinary middle class/lower class people do. It’s such a shame. And to them it becomes more of a competitive thing- who has the better, nicer, newer things. It just isn’t right. And it REALLY is so sad that there are people out there like that but in the end, it is what it is- those people will get whats coming to them in the end.

    xo, JJ

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