3 day Christmas Quote challenge Day 1

Hi everyone, I have decided to do this 3 day Quote Challenge but with some of my favorite Christmas Quotes. I have always been a big quote fan, so why not share my favorites here on this blog? Let’s get started with day one.

“One of the most glorious messes in the world is the mess created in the living room on Christmas Day” – Andy Rooney

Since discovering this quote a couple weeks ago, I have been in love with it. It takes me back to when I was younger, waking up bright and early on Christmas morning. Since it was only about 5 o’clock and I wasn’t allowed to wake anyone else up until 9, I would peek into my stocking and eye up my gifts under the tree hoping to make out what a few of them were.

I would turn on the TV to watch Disney, Nickelodeon, or a Christmas movie until 9am came and I was able to wake up my family.

After jumping on my parents bed, awakening them from their slumber, and sprinting down the stairs, I soon was surrounded by wrapping paper, empty boxes, and of course, my presents.

As my sister and I opened gift after gift, my dad stopped trying to keep up with the wrapping paper being thrown his way and let the festively colored paper litter the floor around us.

The wrapping paper not only held gifts, but it held the happiness and thanks of my sister and I for receiving these amazing presents and it also held love and caring from Santa (my parents) for taking the time to buy  us these amazing gifts.

Never forget, the mess of wrapping paper among the floor every Christmas is so much more than a mess.

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8 thoughts on “3 day Christmas Quote challenge Day 1

  1. Nope nope nope…to me that is the most stressful part of christmas. I can handle the crowds, I can handle the shopping, and the travel. I can handle that obnoxious uncle, or domineering aunt. I cannot, will not tolerate gift wrap on the floor. It goes straight in the trash or this shop girl goes into a full on panic attack. Christmas Morning we would sit with our gifts to one side of us, and our own personal trash bags to the other. 😉 I might have a tiny trash phobia…particularly of the paper variety.

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    1. That is so funny, because my grandpa is the same way. When we go to his house on Christmas Eve, he has the garbage bags ready at least 30 minutes before we open gifts. He also scans the room for scraps during present time in case someone didn’t put every piece in the bag.

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  2. That quote is too cute. I totally envision little ones tearing up wrapping paper and throwing it everywhere just to get to the gift. I personally never experienced that, if my family we would be cordial about it and everyone would take turns opening a gift and showing it to everyone. When I have kids I’ll for sure let them create a crazy mess with the paper and all though 😉

    xo, JJ

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