The Worst Christmas Present I’ve ever Received

Hi everyone, still going strong with Blogmas. Now, I don’t like to be rude and I accept all of my presents with the utmost appreciation and thanks. Anyone who spends the time to go out of their way and buy/make me a present is so amazing and I am truly thankful. However, there have been some gifts I have received where I was like ‘What in the world is this/ why am I receiving it?’

The most memorable example of this was last Christmas. Every year we go to my grandpa’s house the weekend before or after Christmas to exchange gifts with that side of the family but my dad’s borther and family are never in attendance, but their gifts are.

Typically we get a Target gift card and some candy and call it a day. Last year, however, instead of a neatly wrapped bag of candy with a giftcard attached to the ribbon, there was an abnormally heavy gift bag. I was so weirded out because it was so out of the ordinary.

I opened the bag, and there was a heaping bag of bird seed (it ended up being granola but it looked like a bag that I have purchased for my bird before) wrapped up in white tissue paper. My sister and I both got this bird seed granola mix thing and we were both confused as to why we got it and it tasted terrible and stale. Needless to say, that went straight to the garbage once we got home.

It wasn’t the worst thing we could’ve received but it did taste like garbage and who gifts granola?

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