Christmas Wish List

“What do you want for Christmas?” Is by far the worst question to be asked. I spend 11 months of my life circling clothes, makeup, books. Etc. in catalogs and when December 1st comes and I can’t think of a single thing I want. This year, my mom sent me an email (just text me mom) at the beginning of November telling my sister and I to get a move on with our Christmas Lists. Here are a few that made my list this year.


1.A GoPro- Something I have always really wanted to do is travel and as much as I hate to say it… I would be one of those girls who films everything. Yes I like to live in the moment but I would love to showcase my experiences with my friends and family and myself to relive the adventures that I had.


2. Eat, Pray, Love- Speaking of traveling, everyone has recommended this book to me and I have never read it. I really want to and have just never thought about buying it at Barnes and Noble, so hopefully someone can fulfill my longing for this book this Christmas


3. Feminist t-shirts- Ever since the election, I have decided to never stop fighting and to never stop showing my support for every single minority living in this country. Feminist Apparel links take up so much of my list because their shirts have very powerful messages on them but are still super cute and you can wear them whenever… even to your family in the south’s house…


4. Lush Products- Being the vegan gal I am, while also having dry and sensitive skin, Lush is like my heaven. I love their face masks, body scrubs, massage bars, bath bombs, bath bars…hell if I had the money, I’d buy the entire store.


  1. Lippies- if you’ve followed my blog for awhile or even read my about page, you know your girl has a lipstick addiction. I have an entire shoebox of lipsticks and after some family spilling the beans about my presents, I might need another shoebox. My top three I really want for Christmas are LimeCrime’s Blondie, Jeffree Star’s Gemini, and Coloured Raine’s Sorbet.

That’s my list… What’s yours?

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