5 tips for staying organized

Hi all and sorry for my long absence. I accidentally set up that double authentication and then couldn’t get access to the code so I couldn’t log on. However, I’m here now and have so much to share! Until I give a bit of a life update (which I also promised that month I think) here are some tips I have for staying organized in this hustle and bustle of finals.

  1. Get and use a planner! I love my planner and I keep it with me everywhere I go. I have a Plum Paper one and it has honestly changed my life. I write down every assignment, meeting, work shift, and workout I have so I know exactly when I can sleep, do homework, and have fun
  2. Make lists!!  (and then utilize them) Every single day I make a to-do list of items. Whether it be returning a t-shirt I bought, buying envelopes, printing something etc. I write everything down the night before and whatever I don’t get done becomes the first item on the list for the next day.
  3. Set aside time in your schedule to plan! Every single Sunday I give myself an hour or so to plan out my week. Do I have a group project meeting? Am I working out with someone at a certain time? Did I pick up someone’s shift at work? etc. I then plan when I can do homework, what homework I have to do, etc. so that I am ready for the week ahead and can have minimal stress in my life.
  4. Use the 8/8/8 method! 8 hours of sleep, 8 hours of work, 8 hours of play. This is soooo hard in college, however, I try my hardest. Some days there’s more play, some days there’s more work, and on the rare occasion (Sundays) there is more sleep. However, try to stick with this and it’ll help keep a solid routine.
  5. Give each class a color! I know this sounds very circa 2010 but it helps so much!!!! I use one notebook for all of my classes because I typically have 5 classes and use a 5 subject notebook so that works out but having a separate folder for everything (I also have one for important documents + homework) so that NOTHING ever gets lost.


What tips do you have for staying organized?

❤ Alicia ❤

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