January reflection

Good afternoon all, hard to believe the month of January is over. This month feels like it was 5 seconds long, especially since classes started. It’s been an interesting month. From starting this new semester to my self-love challenge, and just being a very busy bee.

Normally at the beginning of each month, I make a list of goals I have for the month (my Feb goals will be live tomorrow) however, with the new year I just made my list of 2018 intentions. So, let’s see how I’m doing on my 2018 intentions so far!


> 1 hour of journaling//meditation//reading-  I suck. I’ve been doing okay at writing but the only reading I’ve been doing is my homework. So, I’m still reading and learning but nothing pleasurable so I need to work on that.
> 64 oz of water- I’m trying my best but I don’t think I get 64 oz. Most days I get 40 oz or so but I need to work on getting 64 or more
> Exercise: whether that be the gym, yoga, a walk, etc.- I’ve discussed my gym anxiety recently, but I have been going on walks and taking the long way to and from class so I’m getting moving!

> Coffee//Lunch//Workout with someone… Ideally, a different person per week- It definitely hasn’t been a different person each week but I have been getting lunch and working out with people, usually, 2-3 per week which is good!!
> Write: My goal is to write weekly, maybe 3 times- Well this month I wrote every damn day! Next month though I’m going to cool it down a bit to have more lengthy and content-filled posts so I think 3 times a week is a goal for me next month!

> Read one book: I read a book this past weekend. The 4 Agreements. It was super good, and next month I want to read the sequel. Might review it sometime this month once I’ve read book 2!
> Discover a new podcast series: I definitely didn’t do this one this month. I think it’s because of my constant writing and getting into the groove of school. If any of you have podcast recommendations, let me know!!!

How did you guys do on your goals this month?

❤ Alicia ❤

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