31 days of self-love challenge: Day 25

 What things are you really good at?

These ones over the past week have been getting more and more difficult for me. Obviously, that’s a good thing because it gets you thinking, but damn writing these are hard.

I think some things that I’m good at would be

  • Writing
  • Doing my eyebrows (my sister says I’m good at makeup in general but I really don’t believe it)
  • Bullshitting essays (I’m not proud of this acquired skill but I have it so…)
  • Taking pictures
  • Being a good dog mom
  • Making smoothies (work paid off)
  • Working with kids (or corralling them at least)
  • Speaking Spanish
  • making vine references
  • Making people laugh
  • Falling asleep anywhere (literally, I’m not kidding you should have seen me in Peru)

What are you guys good at??


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