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Good afternoon everyone, I am officially all settled back into my dorm, with updated planners, calendars, and clothes put away. I am now just relaxing despite all of the reunions occurring outside of my room (after 7 hours of driving I need a break and a nap) so I figured I would do this blog award I was nominated for a few days back.

First of all, thanks so much to Alys for nominating me. I highly recommend checking out her blog, it’s one of my faves!!!!


  1. Show your gratitude to the person who nominated you and provide a link back to the person’s blog.
  2. Give a brief story of your blog.
  3. Share two or more pieces of advice for beginner bloggers.
  4. Choose 10 other bloggers to nominate.
  5. Comment on each blog by letting them know they’ve been nominated and provide a link to your award post.

Story of my blog:

I have been blogging since I was 14. I stumbled upon someone’s summer bucket list blog and I decided that I wanted to make one as well. So, that summer and the summer after, my friend Molly and I made a summer bucket list blog. We are no longer friends, however, I wanted to continue blogging so I have made a few blogs over my lifetime to continue blogging, mainly just random writings and a bit of food tracking. However, in October of 2015, I decided that I wanted to document my time in college  (I also had no friends so I wanted to make some virtual ones 🙂 )so that’s how I started this blog.


  1. Write about what you want- This one may seem pretty self-explanatory, however, it may not be. With so many lifestyle blogs about fashion and the latest hair hack, you may seem pressured to post about these. Yes, it may get you some traffic but if you don’t necessarily like what you’re posting… why blog? I will post a review here and there because I want to and I think other people might want to see it. I post things for me because I like them, not to get a certain amount of views in a day and I recommend you all do the same.
  2. Don’t stress- I’m all about trying to be consistent, it’s what readers like and it gets views. However, if I’m sick or had a long day or was out with friends, I’m not going to worry about my blog. Blogging can wait, your life can’t. I blog during downtime, on plane rides, in bed, etc. I make sure I love my life how I want to and make sure that blogging comes second. Make sure you do that as well.

I nominate:

Happy Mentality          Lu          Shannon          Sam          Anjana

Kaitlyn          Nicole            Ashley          Jamie          Courtney

7 thoughts on “Blogger Recognition Award

  1. Thank you so much for the nomination!! I think that your advice here is great!! I think that it’s totally important to remember to blog for yourself and not your audience!! And I LOVE how you said “blogging can wait, life can’t” because I think that that is also something that’s really important to remember, and for people not to worry/panic/feel bad for not blogging to a strict schedule!

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  2. Congratulations! Love your tips! People don’t realize how much work goes into blogging, so it’s important to give yourself some time to relax and decompress.

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  3. congrats & thank you for nominating me! great advice, especiallyyyyyy writing about what you want, I feel like that one’s SO important. you can tell through the writing if people are enjoying what they’re talking about!

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