My ugly Christmas sweater collection

Hello everyone, I have been one to talk about my love of ugly Christmas sweaters, and I figured I’d also share the ones I have. I only have 3 of my own at the moment but I’m certain my collection will grow. So, here’s my collection and a backstory behind each of them.

Let it Glow- The most recent Christmas sweater purchase and the most ‘fun’ one. This light up sweater was a hit at a few parties over the past few weeks and I love to dazzle the crowds with the color changing lights.

Shrek Christmas- This sweater was a gift from Santa 😉 last Christmas. After receiving Shrek and Donkey pillow pets the year before, I guess the tradition had t continue. This sweater is actually really comfortable and if there wasn’t a lifesize Ogre head on it I’d love to wear it regularly.

Homemade Sweater- I’ve discussed this sweater in posts before so I’ll keep this one short and sweet. My entire family slaved over the sweater for hours trying to make me the perfect ugly Christmas sweater. Let me say, this one is always a big hit for everyone who sees it


Do you have any funny Christmas sweaters?


2 thoughts on “My ugly Christmas sweater collection

  1. Yes!! My ugly christmas sweater collection started two years ago and now I own enough sweaters to wear one every day from black friday to Christmas without duplicating (and my coworkers look forward to it every year!)

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  2. OMG I love ugly Christmas sweaters, like I have wayyyyy too many!!! I love the 3rd one that you had on. Have a great christmas and I’d love if you’d come and check out my blog and take a look at my latest post!!! ❤

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