I’m doing Blogmas… A day late

Hi all, long time no talk. November was by far the busiest month of my life. I will have a bit of a life update post in the coming days but I wanted to announce that I will be doing  Blogmas again!! I am going to try my hardest to post each day but with finals and one of my friends staying at my house for a week it may not happen… bear with me.

I’m going to start Blogmas off with my 5 favorite Christmas memories because I need some good vibes after the past few weeks I have had and the next 2 weeks that are to come. I don’t think I did this one last year… but if I did… I don’t care haha I love Christmas and Christmas always makes me nostalgic so I love reminiscing about past holidays


  1. Christmas 2007 was sort of a coming of age memory for me. In my family, we have a tradition where on holidays (mainly Christmas because my aunt is in town) we play a  card game called “Hate, Malice, and Spite” and 2007 is the year I was finally allowed to learn to play.  My aunt told me I had to be double digits to learn due to the family tradition but it was an
    Seeing friends Christmas 2015

    exception for me because she thought my competitiveness would suck all the fun right out of the game… I think it makes the game more fun but who am I to judge?

  2. Christmas 2013 was a personal favorite of mine because I got to attend my first every ugly Christmas sweater party. After years of seeing them in movies and TV shows, I was finally able to make that dream of wearing an ugly Christmas sweater. This very night also started the demise of one of my closest friendships but that is a story for another day.
  3. Christmas 2014 was also a very memorable Christmas… haha. Every year my aunt sends me pictures of the ugliest Christmas sweaters she can find and they’re always accompanied with “Merry Christmas.”Well… that message has never been true until my aunt and uncle spent multiple hours handcrafting
    My homemade Christmas Sweater!!!

    their own ugly Christmas sweater just for me

  4. 2 years ago was such a fun Christmas. I loved coming home to see all of my friends and family I hadn’t seen since leaving for San Diego. It was also great to come home and relax post-finals (something I can’t wait to do in 2 weeks as well) and just catch up with everyone I hadn’t seen or spoken to in a while
  5. Last year was sort of terrible BUT I got a gallon of soy sauce (don’t ask) and a Shrek Christmas sweater so if that doesn’t make it at least a memorable Christmas… I don’t know what will

Those are my favorite Christmas memories. What are yours??

Also if you’re also participating in Blogmas… Let me know so I can follow along on all of your posts as well!!!!

Until tomorrow, hopefully


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