Work work work work work

Hi all, today I sort of wanted to discuss what I do at work since I just finished my first week and know my duties for each shift. Also I enjoy work for the most part, which is always a good thing 🙂


I just worked my first Tuesday shift yesterday and on Tuesdays (unlike my other 2 days) I stock. Today was actually my most boring day at work because it should really only be a 1 person job, yet usually there are 2-3 people stocking. My stocking partner, Gary, and I spent the day stocking what we could, pacing around the store waiting for people to buy things so we could restock what they had just selected, and talking about ourselves (since we’ll tentatively be spending every Tuesday for the rest of the semester together).

Gary is also a transfer student who lives in the other transfer dorm on campus, and he is majoring in Applied Nutrition. He transferred from Ohio State and based off of what I’ll tell you next I don’t believe he’s flown much. Something myself and most of the people I know are pretty used to me going from Chicago to San Diego to Chicago to Peru to Chicago to Ohio. However, people from here are not. I said I transferred from SDSU and that I’m from Chicago (not even gliding over my gap year or peru excursion) and his mouth was on the floor. “You must be pretty used to flying then huh? Wild” Wild is right Gary. He also mentioned that he’s heard Chicago is pretty liberal but I’m not sure if that was remarked positively or negatively, so we’ll have to wait and see. Nevertheless, he was cute and sweet and I’ll be looking forward to working stock shifts because I’ll be able to see my new bud Gary.


On Thursdays I work with smoothies. The market I work in has a small smoothie bar called “Smooth Moves” and basically I just make smoothies for 4 hours. It’s a lot easier than I thought because everything is labeled nicely and all of the recipes are taped to the wall. Everyone I work with there is a senior which is a little intimidating but they all said I’d done a great job last week on my first day and that normally when someone new is at smoothie, it’s a shit show. So i’m pretty proud of myself. I haven’t gotten the hang of everything yet but I’m sure I’ll know which container is peaches and which is mixed berry in no time.


Saturdays are for the girls.. And Nick. On Saturdays I work at Smooth Moves again, but I also close. I work from 6pm- close. Which should be from 6-9 but last Saturday I wasn’t out of there until 10. No big deal for me; $8.15 more for me and an excuse not to go out and party. Win win. I work with Heather, Madison, Rhiannon, Olivia, and Nick. Heather, Madison, and Rhiannon are freshman and god is it obvious! I hope it wasn’t that obvious for me. Olivia is also a sophomore and she is my favorite coworker on Saturdays. Nick works the cash register across the store so we really only socialize when we’re closing.

Saturdays seem like they’ll be fun because it’s pretty busy which makes the night go by fast and we all bonded a lot when we had to close the whole market and then some of the attached dining hall because people don’t know how to do their jobs. Also we close at 9 and even though we say that, people still stagger in until 915 or so, which is annoying but we let it slide.

That’s a week in the life of work for me. I’m really surprised I liked it this much and I can’t wait to keep making my smoothies and stocking (talking to Gary) !!!


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