Things that make me smile

Hi everyone, I made a post similar to this almost a year ago and I wanted to make another one because I am a lot different than I was last year. After you read mine, tell me what makes you smile. ๐Ÿ™‚

  1. Dogs, Goats, and any other animal really
  2. Harry Styles
  3. When something I ordered online comes in the mail
  4. Plane rides
  5. The Fosters (TV show)
  6. Gel nails
  7. Rescued Animals
  8. Fuzzy socks
  9. Making Pancakes
  10. Doing the dishes
  11. Clean sheets
  12. Candles
  13. Fall
  14. Spring
  15. Old Photographs
  16. Babies
  17. Road trips
  18. The smell after it rains
  19. Lightning
  20. Rainbows
  21. Tumblr
  22. Avocado Toast
  23. Star-Gazer Lillies
  24. Catching up with old friends
  25. Music
  26. Sunflowers
  27. The color blue
  28. The color yellow
  29. Tattoos
  30. Lush
  31. Lipsticks
  32. Office Supplies
  33. When the sun comes out after it was cloudy for a while and the sun makes your whole body feel good and warm and cozy
  34. Made beds
  35. Freshly baked goods
  36. Seeing Butterflies
  37. Slippers
  38. Striped shirts
  39. Legally Blonde
  40. Bananas
  41. Seeing Bumblebees doing their jobs
  42. Oversized sweaters/sweatshirts
  43. Writing
  44. The flower section at grocery stores
  45. Iced Tea
  46. Singing along to old songs with friends in the car
  47. Finding out something is vegan that I wouldn’t expect was vegan
  48. Walking with heels on cobblestone roads
  49. Sparkly stones
  50. Candid Photos

6 thoughts on “Things that make me smile

  1. I love your list! Mine would be very similar and include: my daughter’s laugh, fresh squeezed lemonade, rainy fall nights that become foggy fall mornings, early morning dew in June, lip gloss, pumpkin scented/flavored anything, s’mores, fairy lights in summer, sparkler wand fireworks, watching it snow at night, Harry Potter theme music (which is why it’s my ringtone), friends you can laugh with until it hurts, going to bed in freshly dried warm sheets and blankets, lilacs, “unicorn” purple and “cotton candy” blue colors, bubble machines, weeping willow trees, scented body wash, perfume in general, dunking cookies in milk for just the right amount of time (evenly saturated but doesn’t fall off in the milk), iridescent stones (opal, moonstone, etc.)…

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