Ruff month

It’s been about a month since we had to put my dog down and life at my house is quite different. My dad stills tries to not step on the dog every morning, her dog food bag is still in our kitchen, and every time I enter the house, I always want to yell “Rosie” but then I remember she isn’t there.

It’s been a weird month. She’s still my phone background and my friends still ask me how I’m doing. My mom, sister and I keep looking at new dogs but we know we can’t move on just yet. And even though my father insists he doesn’t want another dog, the words “Damn I miss that dog” slip out of his mouth every now and then. We actually have t pick up after ourselves when we eat, which I have definitely forgotten about, hence the three-day-old cucumber slice that fused to my kitchen floor.

The house is also quiet, silent even. There are no small barks and loud barks, no nails tapping against the tile, no scratching at the carpet, no lapping water from her water dish. It’s weird, and I feel alone. I’m at home quite a bit now that I’m not in school and basically I talked to my dog, walked my dog, slept with my dog, etc. The house is far too quiet for my liking, with or without the TV, with or without my bird, it’s still far too quiet.

My mom admitted that she wants another dog, however with me off to Peru in April for a month and then depending on where I end up at school (post on that later) it will depend on our future dog owing.

Basically, we all really want a dog, but we aren’t ready for one. Also, we have all (well my sister and I sort of agreed as we want another rott or a pitbull and neither of our parents want that) agreed that we want a smaller dog (smaller poop) but we just have to wait a bit.

However, all of our friends with dogs have said that if we want to steal their dog for a weekend or so, we are more than welcome to. So, while not having a dog of my own stinks, I am so thankful for people in my life who are trying to help us adjust with so dog as best we can.

So, if/when we get a new dog, you’ll all be the first to know, and until then, I’ll be crying over cute dogs on Instagram and leaving my friend’s houses with a tiny pup head popping out of my bag.

9 thoughts on “Ruff month

  1. This makes me so sad, I can imagine how tough the feeling can be, especially hearing your dad say that he misses your pup. They really are a part of your family and it hurts when they are no longer around.


  2. BIG HUGS to you ❤
    I lost my dog around this time last year, and it was one of the hardest and saddest things that have ever happened to me. I know the feeling that the house feels to quite, I kept hearing Amy(my dog) walking on the floor and jumping off the couch upstairs for weeks after she was gone. We haven't gotten a new dog, and probably will not get one until I get my own dog with my bf.

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    1. Thank you, and it’s so weird because of how quiet the house is, and when you haven’t had quiet in 10 or so years, it’s sort of spooky


  3. So sad to read this about your dog! I also have 2 pomeranians. 2 little happy cuties that are always so grateful when you’re home. I remember when the dog of my BF died. The house was so empty and silent. You expect to feel it’s sweet and loyal presence… And the fact that it’s not there anymore makes everything so empty… Hopefully you’ll find joy again soon in the presence of another animal companion! xoxo Sarah

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    1. I know, you always feel that they’ll still be at home waiting and they aren’t. And thank you, my mom thinks we’ll get a new pup in May or sometime this summer when people are home all day 🙂

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