January Favorites

Hello all, I was going to do a 2016 favorite’s post to end Blogmas with, and then never did… typical Alicia. So, I’ve decided that I would write a list of some of my favorite products month or month (or knowing me 4 or 5 times a year). Let’s get started.


Luseta Argan Oil Hair Masque- I got this in a giveaway a while ago and completely forgot about it. I used it at the beginning of the month and my hair was lusciously soft and shiny. It works well with color treated hair and I have since used it all up and need to buy a bigger version the next time I see it.

Coconut Face Mask: I got this mask for Christmas. It’s a really good moisturizing mask and it smells really good and is great for sensitive skin. I got another one (a charcoal one from the same brand) and it wasn’t as good, however, the coconut one brightened my skin and made it really soft.

Jouer “Frost Bite” Lip Topper: Jouer is a brand that I am absolutely in love with. They are known for their lip cremes, but they also have lip topper which you can wear alone or put on top of a matte liquid lipstick. They smell like birthday cake and are on the high end of my favorite lip products.

Colourpop Eyebrow Pencil: I love the Anastasia Brow Wiz just as much as the next brow junkie, but when you’re ballin’ on a budget like I am, the Colourpop eyebrow pencil definitely gets the job done. I’m a huge fan of this pencil and I use it almost daily. For those of you wondering (no one is wondering I know) I use either the “Dope Taupe” shade or the “Arched Auburn”  shade, depending on my hair color.

E.L.F. Liquid Liner: I was never a big makeup person, but last year I started to wear/experiment with makeup. I can honestly say I’m not perfect at applying liquid liner, but I don’t have 3 million Instagram followers so I don’t have to claim to be. Basically, I do a lot of practice with liner and I don’t want to spend $30 on a liner that I’m only going to wear in the comfort of my house. This E.L.F. liner is only $2, is cruelty-free, and lasts a long time. So, I can do a ton of practice for a cheap price.

There you have it folks, some of my favorite products from January 2017. I’m not promising on having another for a while because I am trying to not spend a cent in preparation for Peru (other than on hiking shoes and other Peru gear) so I might not have any new products to rave about, but I might accidentally splurge, so let’s just wait and see.


4 thoughts on “January Favorites

  1. I’m not a big make up person either, & my first make up purchase was also elf because it was so inexpensive. It’s eye shadow & I really love it because it has lid, crease, liner, — like each section is labeled with where it’s supposed to go! Lol perfect for me :))

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