Valentine’s Day

Hi all, well it’s everyone’s favorite or least favorite day of the year, Valentine’s Day. Personally, I can’t stand Valentine’s Day. I’ve always believed it has been a Hallmark Holiday (which it is). However, I feel as though I might enjoy the day if I.. I don’t know… HAD A VALENTINE. Those help. The closest thing to a Valentine I have this year is my grandma, who sent me $20 and a cute card with a bear on it. Rough life. I have never been fortunate enough to have a Valentine, although I really don’t feel like I’m missing out on much, because while I don’t get anything from anyone, in return I also don’t have to buy anything for anyone. So, as much as I would love a dozen Roses and one of those huge bears that is my size, I’m fine being alone on this day every year. After all, if I have learned one thing from the movie Valentine’s Day, hating on Valentine’s Day is always 10000x more fun than celebrating the actual holiday. It’s science.

Besides the point, my holiday celebrations will include me and my roommate hiding in our dorm all day to avoid all of the couples on my floor. My roommate isn’t used to the whole no valentine on Valentine’s Day concept, since she’s had one every year for at least the past 4 years. I, on the other hand, am an expert. Killing the no valentine game for the 19th consecutive year has made me immune to love on this day and I can weave my way in and out of lovey dovey couples with ease.

All kidding aside, I think Valentine’s Day is just another excuse for girls to be given gifts and for their poor boyfriends to have to not only buy them stuff, but to pay for dinner as well. Having a girlfriend seems expensive. This is one of the few times when being a girl leans in our favor.

That’s all for today.

Talk to you Thursday



P.S. Here are some gifs of aloneness on Valentines day for all of single followers and me

images images-2 images-1 tumblr_njlcxaVrwZ1sx3znro1_500 vday-gif tumblr_nidz2brbpm1td7yhso1_400 \ tumblr_o1wcj8sABs1u8uav0o1_500  tumblr_n0qia9c2bm1t5lrovo1_500 tumblr_n0zmko9Eoj1qhop1zo1_400 tumblr_n0z1ggcWiA1qboo5ao1_500 tumblr_n3naixcdG21qf9mevo1_500   giphy new-girls-jess-gonna-die-alone tumblr_inline_mh22trkzms1reaq0u tumblr_m7pcdbj4Iv1qfirpxo1_250 DPMc8iB 635903170349754731-888869402_tumblr_mzxdltiANt1qft49to1_500 bRp8qD2 39IX6Th

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